Your personal all-round protection package

Nobody is fully protected against the risks of everyday life. Whether e.g. on the way to the shops or in your home and and at garden work – something may happen anytime. There are different reasons to hedge against one or another eventuality. For many of our customers, there is the question of optimal insurance coverage. Our experience allows us to offer tried and proven advise. We work with you to analyze your personal insurance needs.


Think early about your retirement and find out about all the different possibilities, which are currently available. Our consultants will create optimal solutions for you.

Provision for one’s Old Age & and Personal Pension

Many experts agree that state pension alone is no longer sufficient to cover living expenses in old age. In this context, often an impending pension shortfall is discussed. In these cases: Think early about tomorrow. If you have questions about your provision, please contact us: We will explain competently, on what to look for when selecting the right pension strategy.

Our Consulting Areas

  • Pension schemes
  • Company pension schemes

  • Life Insurances

  • Private health inssurances
  • Accident insurances
  • Disability Insurance

Property insurance

Protect yourself

Whether at a private party or on the way to the shops in daily traffic - sometimes things can happen very quickly and you have caused a little mishap or accident by carelessness. By means of a property insurance you can insure the financial compensation claims of the injured in such cases. The term property insurance is used as a generic term for various types of insurances that serve to provide security of objects. Among the best known are the private liability insurance and motor insurance.

We will assist you with other property insurances:

  • Car Insurance
  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Residence Insurance
  • Household Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Keepers of Animals Liability Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

Commercial insurance

Protect your business

Sometimes big risks need to be taken to lead to big commercial success. However, on an everyday basis you can protect your business against possible risks and dangers of everyday operation with a commercial insurance. Whether damage due to fire at your premises or liability against a third party through risks stemming from your employees, products and services - with the appropriate commercial insurance you are on the safe side.

Liability insurance

By leading a company, you are subject to a wide range of liabilities. In the very moment a customer enters your premises, you are liable for the inconveniences, which may happen to your visitors. A commercial liability insurance can protect you against third-party claims for personal injury and property damage, that result from your company's activities. The same goes for your employees when they harm another person during their duties.


Our Areas of practice:

  • Commercial liability insurance
  • Product liability insurance

We will assist you with other commercial insurances:

  • Electronic Insurance
  • Machinery breakdown insurance
  • IT Insurance
  • Transport Insurance
  • Company legal expenses insurance
  • Business interruption (loss-of-profit) insurance
  • Credit insurance
  • Fleet Insurance

You have not found the right choice?

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