WIBEST - WIBEST - Economic Consulting Steiner: Rely on our experiences

Whether financial, assets, investment, or financing - we do not provide a singular answer, but rather a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs overall.


We see ourselves as your professional partner for all financial matters. Based on your needs, we develop an individual concept for you. Our focus is not the short-term but the long-term success of your investment. Find out more about our services.

Our services include inter alia



Of your individual financial situation based on the personal information and data you provide.


Of your existing insurance, credit, and lease contracts throughout their duration.


Higher returns and greater security for savings, reserves, and investments.


Financing of large purchases through individual planning tailored to your situation.

Protection & Security

For you and from over- and under-insurance and unnecessary contracts.

Representation in the Case of Damage or Accident

In the case of damages or an accident, quick processing, consultation, and out-of-court representation.

Tax Advantages & Subsidies

Take advantage of tax advantages and subsidies when starting a business and making investments, purchases, and acquisitions.


Think of your retirement early and learn about the many opportunities presently offered. Our consultants provide the best solutions for you.

Asset management

Whether stocks, funds, or insurance companies, we develop a customized investment strategy. Take advantage of our expertise in all asset matters.


Are you planning to buy a new car or are you thinking about owning your own home? We will competently help and work with you to find the right path to your goal.