Personal. Competent. Independent.

WIBEST finds the optimal solution in asset, planning, and insurance matters. We develop an individual strategy for you based on your needs and opportunities. We focus on risk minimization, sustainability, efficiency, and long-term success. Take advantage of WIBEST's expertise and experience. We offer our services to everyone in English, German, or Spanish. Our owner, Dipl.-Kffr. Waltraud Steiner distinguishes herself as trilingual, competent, and her dedication to personal support. Her decades of experience in international companies and organizations led to the founding of WIBEST near the UN location Vienna Donaustadt.

Personal ...

...WIBEST means personal consulting – and very personal at that. Our work revolves around everything about you, your company, your situation in life, your family, your health, your safety, your retirement planning, your home, your car, your assets, your money! At WIBEST it's about you.


Competent ...

... is the motto at WIBEST. The guarantee of continuous learning and improvement process, ongoing monitoring of the market, a steady flow of information, and last but not least precise analyses – of your situation, your goals, your opportunities. Competent and confidential! You should and can expect this from WIBEST!


Independent ...

... WIBEST is of course independent and committed solely to you, guaranteed. WIBEST analyzes your personal financial situation, optimizes your assets, planning, and insurance, and acts exclusively in your interest.

You want to get to know us personally?
We are happy to discuss with you the important cornerstones of your future wealth management strategy during a consultation process. Call: +43 676 603 0369.